​​Little Sunshine Preschool and Learning Center!


Little Sunshine Preschool and Learning Center offers fun
and exciting learning experiences that will engage and nurture
each child. We enrich our programs with developmentally appropriate
curriculum, stimulating learning experiences, special events, and
extracurricular activities that your child will love!


Time spent using computers can enhance eye-hand coordination and also builds social skills through turn-taking. Computer games reinforce various learning concepts such as math, science, letter recognition, phonemic awareness, and more. Creative Art Projects: Our creative art projects are developmentally appropriate experiences focused on process vs. product, meaning that children are given an opportunity to experiment freely with various art mediums without emphasis on a finished product. This approach highlights each child’s unique abilities and places importance on individuality and self-expression.

Music and Movement:

Music and Movement activities allow teachers and children to enjoy listening to and creating music through CDs, singing, and musical instruments. Children also gain kinesthetic awareness as they explore new ways to coordinate body movements and exhibit self-expression through dance.

Early Literacy Development:

Each child at our center is immersed in a print-rich environment, designed to aide in the development of important early literacy skills. Children enjoy story time together, and also have daily opportunities to explore literature independently. Dictation is posted around the classroom along with class projects and creative artwork to demonstrate the functionality of print. Letter recognition and phonemic awareness are also emphasized in order to help your child take the pivotal first steps toward becoming a successful reader and writer.

Circle Time:

During circle time, children participate in group learning through songs, finger plays, class discussions, and other engaging hands-on activities. This is the important time of day where each class works together as a group to explore daily curriculum themes and activities such as calendar, weather, classroom helper jobs, letters, colors, numbers, shapes, sight words (for older children), and more!

Outdoor Play:

Outdoor play is integrated into your child’s daily schedule to facilitate gross motor development. Our beautiful playground provides a generous amount of space and equipment where your child can run, jump, climb, swing, explore, pretend, and enjoy nature.

Jitter-Bug Gym:

Miss Linda visits our center twice per month to practice exciting Gymnastic techniques with the children including balance, coordination, and flexibility.

Weekly Food Experience Activities:

Every Thursday, each class works together to create and enjoy a delicious snack based on the current curriculum theme. These special activities promote healthy eating habits, encourage children to try new foods, allow children to practice teamwork, and touch on learning areas including math and science.

Visits from Community Helpers such as Policemen, Fire Department, and Dentist:

Visits from the community provide children with real life experiences that reinforce important concepts introduced in the classroom, and allow children to explore the world around them firsthand.

Birthday and Holiday Celebrations:

At our center, birthdays are valued as a special time to celebrate each child's uniqueness and individuality. On their birthday, each child receives their own special birthday crown! We welcome families to share a birthday snack with their child’s class. We also learn about and celebrate a variety of Holidays year round, including a wonderful Thanksgiving Day Feast.

End of the Summer Field Day:

As summer comes to an end each class works hard on making team shirts and a game for the whole school to enjoy. Each class has a great time going outside as a team participating in all the games. 

Picture Days:

Your child will have the opportunity to pose for Holiday Portraits in the fall, as well as a Class Photo in the springtime. VPK students even pose for Graduation Portraits wearing a cap and gown, which make a wonderful keepsake! All photos are taken at our center, and convenient viewings are scheduled for families to select which portraits and packages they are interested in purchasing.

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony:

To celebrate the growth and accomplishments of our VPK students, we proudly host a spectacular Graduation Ceremony! Children wear caps and gowns for a wonderful musical performance. Each child is also presented with a special diploma commemorating their achievements in Preschool!