​​Little Sunshine Preschool and Learning Center!


Little Sunshine Academy’s private kindergarten program promotes  independence while preparing your child for the next exciting  phase. We focus on developing a foundation for reading, writing and mathematics. Our teaching staff has a passion for what they do and consider it a privilege to partner with you during this  special time in your child's life. 

Small Class Sizes for individualized attention

Core Curriculum covers:

language arts, reading readiness,         

mathematics,  science, social studies, social and emotional growth, health and wellness, physical education, music, art, and technology 

Enrichment Activities:

Gymnastics, Spanish, Sign Language, Character Education, Weekly Reader, Field Trips! 

Our program is tailored to fit each child’s individual needs, providing them with many experiences of achievement and success.  Whether your child needs more individual instruction or more challenging work, our program will provide it.  During kindergarten at Little Sunshine Academy, you and your child will experience many exciting moments and share memories to last a lifetime.